March 27, 2018

Personal Training

So you want to get fit? Look good and feel great? Win that race? Lose weight? Build strength? Increase flexibility & mobility? SUP or run more efficiently and effectively? Avoid injury? Have the energy and fitness levels to live your best life? To #GetFitStayFit. All of the above but just don’t know where to start?

As a qualified and experienced L3 personal trainer, yoga, pilates, running, biking and swimming instructor and SUP Instructor & Trainer, I will work with you to design a bespoke programme that focuses on your needs. This could be improving strength, speed and stamina to achieve specific goals by specific dates, whether for a sprint, one-day endurance or multi-day event or season or simply improving overall fitness and wellbeing to ensure you are ‘fit for purpose’ and fit for life!

It’s well known that the best form of exercise is one you’re actually going to do and realistically, you’re more likely to do something you enjoy. This is why training plans are bespoke: Designed to fit your lifestyle, goals and personality, makes it much more likely you’ll show up, stick with it and smash those targets.

Following an initial assessment and lifestyle review, you will receive a personal health and fitness programme that includes nutrition advice and home workouts, for continuity between your regular PT sessions whether they are in person or online, or a combination of the two.

Varied and tailored land and water sessions keep training fresh and reflect location, lifestyle and bad weather days, while regular contact and check-ins provide ongoing support, motivation and plan adjustments as do optional twice-weekly live land group sessions where we can train together even if it is remotely.

Age, size, flexibility, strength and ability are not barriers to exercise. Regardless of your starting point I can help you set, and reach goals, whatever they may be. Experienced in working with NHS Referrals with a wide range of physical & mental health conditions including post-stroke, pre-diabetes, PTSD, depression and obesity, I am confident that you will quickly feel and see results and by adopting a healthy lifestyle to #GetFitStayFit you’ll be keeping your body and mind fit, strong and flexible, improving your quality of life for many years to come.   

#GetFitStayFit by improving:

• Strength
• Flexibility
• Mobility

• Nutrition
• Rest & Relaxation
• Fitness

Through a bespoke training programme that can include:

• Personal Training
• Yoga
• Pilates
• Running

• inc HIIT, circuits, weights, boxfit
• Paddleboarding (SUP inc yoga & pilates)
• Cycling (on and off road)
• Swimming

Whether we meet online or in person, our preference is to workout outdoors, reconnecting with nature and the elements around us. And if you’re relatively local our fully equipped mobile service enables us to meet at the beach, in parks, on the South Downs, at your home, you decide!

Prices start from £20.

Contact [email protected] to discuss your needs today.