March 27, 2018

Personal Training

So you want to get fit? Look good and feel great? Lose weight? Build strength? Increase flexibility? Run a marathon? All of the above but just don’t know where to start

The best form of exercise is one you’re actually going to do and realistically, you’re more likely to do something you enjoy! 

Which is why we offer a wide range of activities to keep your workouts and fitness routines fresh and exciting. Our programmes are designed to fit your lifestyle, goals and personality, making it much more likely you’ll stick with it and achieve results.

Following an initial assessment and lifestyle review, we’ll work with you to develop a personal health and fitness programme that includes nutrition advice and home workouts, for continuity between your regular PT sessions.  

We’re confident that you will feel and see results quickly but our key priority is for you to #GetFitStayFit and improve your quality of life by adopting a healthy lifestyle to keep your body and mind fit, strong and flexible for many years to come. 

#GetFitStayFit by improving:

• Strength
• Flexibility
• Mobility

• Nutrition
• Rest & Relaxation
• Fitness

Through a tailormade mixed activity programme that can include:

• Personal Training
• Yoga
• Pilates
• Running

• inc HIIT, circuits, weights, boxfit
• Paddleboarding (SUP inc yoga & pilates)
• Cycling (on and off road)
• Swimming

We’re firm believers in working with what you’ve got, so regardless of age, size, flexibility, strength and ability, we can help you set, and reach, goals, whatever they may be. We’re experienced in working with NHS Referrals with a wide range of physical & mental health conditions including post-stroke, pre-diabetes and obesity.

Our preference is to work out outdoors, reconnecting with nature and the elements around us. Our fully equipped mobile service enables us to meet you at the beach, in parks, on the South Downs, at your home, you decide!

Standard rate is £25 per hour or 10 hours for £220

Initial 1.5hr free consultation and fitness assessment £30