July 16, 2019

SUP Yoga / Pilates / SUP Yogalates

Swap your traditional studio for the great outdoors and your traditional yoga/pilates mat for a floating SUP when you join me on the water at these idyllic locations. Enjoy all the benefits of SUP and yoga/pilates as you reconnect and breathe in your natural environment.

SUP Yoga/Pilates can help improve core stability, strength, balance and proprioception plus, it’s lots of fun!  Classes are designed to deliver a full strength and conditioning workout for both the mind and body, and will leave you rejuvenated and energised and just a little bit blissed out!

No previous experience is necessary as classes are modified to be suitable for all levels, ages and abilities.

Your normal active wear is usually ideal for on the water. While taking a dip doesn’t happen as often as you would imagine, it’s always good to plan for one! Please bring a towel and dry clothes. On cooler days you may want to wear layers and a windproof jacket.

Throughout the winter months it’s usually too cold to run a full one hour session, as we need to keep moving to stay warm. Regular sessions will return in the Spring but if you have the right clothing and simply can’t wait then contact  sasha@moxieunleashed.com to arrange a private booking and/or special occasion.

Cuckmere Valley, East Sussex

Enjoy a gentle SUP on these protected waters, nestled at the base of the South Downs, to our ‘studio’ where we’ll tether and ease into our SUPYogalates session against the stunning backdrop of the Seven Sisters Country Park.

The SHAC Lagoon, Buckland Park Lake, RH3 7FE

Set to a frog chorus and with geese and swans cruising by, this is a wonderful location, the perfect place to decompress, switch off and reset the body and mind.

Birtley House, Bramley GU5 0LB

Nestled in picturesque gardens this smaller lake provides a peaceful, more intimate SUPYogalates experience, with flora and fauna in abundance.

SUP Yoga/Pilates/Fitness Teacher Training Courses

If you are a qualified Yoga, Pilates teacher or Personal Trainer and are interested in taking your classes onto the water, look at our SUPTA (SUP Teaching Academy) 2 day courses.